WE provide custom CONTENT DEVELOPMENT services, AND end-to-end VISUALization SOLUTIONS FOR corporate AND industrial CLIENTS.

We're often called upon to bring Hollywood-grade experiences to life for businesses, whether it's retail stores, shopping centers, public spaces, corporate lobbies, mission control centers, or even touchscreen navigation and building directory interfaces that "rise above the usual."  We've got experience with integration, and partnerships with hardware and software partners that allow us to apply our "experience first" approach to designing a solution, and THEN deploy and integrate the hardware and software to realize that experience.  

That means no more hanging a $500,000 video wall and going "OK, now, what should we put on it?"

We've implemented very high resolution displays and playback systems beyond UHD 4K, to 6K and 8K and then put native-resolution content on them. We've got all the gear to capture and produce content at extremely high resolutions and high frame rates, combined with a very deep understanding and experience with the creation and capture of stereoscopic content.  And that's not to mention High Dynamic Range fluency and an actual knowledge of how LUTs work and how to subject them to your needs, while combining 3D assets with captured footage to create Augmented Reality on mobile platforms, and virtual reality environments running on game engines.

If you're not sure what you need, or who to call for it...