See your project completed, before you shoot a single scene.

The most effective way to deliver a better creative product, faster and cheaper, is to know what you want before you ship it off for production.  Creative powerhouses like Apple do this by designing and prototyping in-house, and then sending the volume execution to the most cost-effective place. That way, you've figured out what you want to see in the end in the fastest possible way, with the most creative flexibility, and you can make the best decisions on your locations, set construction,  schedules and more in Production.  And because visual effects is becoming the single biggest line item on many films, you can now get closer to a predictable "per-unit" cost, a more accurate schedule, and most importantly you can accurately "cast" the talented artists that you're going to want to realize that vision in Post-Production.  

With tax subsidies offering discounts and film financing opportunities, and emerging markets offering cost-effective labor, the pressure to "globalize" the digital production is huge.  The way visual effects are being managed presently defers the creative decision-making to a time and place where opportunities that could be seized in hours, end up taking weeks. The present system simply didn't evolve with these challenges in mind and that takes money off the screen, days off the calendar, and smiles off people's faces.

CHANGE IS IN ORDEr.  Here's how we're doing it.

By separating the “design and prototype” phase from the execution of the work, we align our interests with the director and studio to explore creative possibilities leading to a clear specification of what needs to be accomplished and how it can be achieved technically and logistically. 
We can then supervise, manage, and maintain quality control through production to completion, ensuring the final product meets the needs of the project.

We become your “in-house team,” supporting your creative leaders and producers without the difficulties of setting up hardware, software, payroll and the complex pipelines associated with high-end visual effects.  Strategic visual development – sometimes before a script is written – means that a flexible plan tailored to eliminate everything but the absolutely necessary work in production and post-production, with positive financial and logistical implications.

We ensure that our artistic efforts lead naturally to effective risk management and contingency planning for the project, and we stake our reputation on delivering successful concepts and strategies through final shot delivery.  Even if we aren’t executing them ourselves.  There is no “one size fits all” solution, and we use a modular approach that ensures you’re paying only for resources that you need and use.

This approach enables you to deliver the project the way you expect to, or gives you the opportunity to change the scope of the project before it's too late.