Our Approach

We value experiences that connect with a viewer on as many sensory levels as possible, and museums and science centers are the perfect venue for that. We know that's a challenging space to be in, but frankly, we've got kids and we see how critical it is for these institutions to thrive above and beyond the YouTubes and the Facebooks of the world.  We also know that adding a bunch of touch screens and "interactive content" is cool, but isn't going to cut it.

We've got decades of experience knitting simple, compelling visual imagery for Hollywood stories from complex technological balls of yarn.  
Now we're bringing that same approach to exhibit design and experiential spaces in informal education guided by some inside expertise.  
We'll admit it: actually making the world a better place feels good.  Instead of just making it look like a better place.

What we're up to

In addition to exhibit development, we've been developing a cutting-edge platform to empower museum staff to engage visitors in rich, immersive, experiences that contextualize and serve to support the physical artifacts in a collection.   It enables visitors to see the value in fragments of everyday objects, and also to explore concepts more deeply, or to branch out and explore related topics.  

Our objective with this tool is to break down barriers to understanding, whether they be as simple as putting exhibit content into multiple languages, or enabling "meta-exhibits" that create new paths across many different collections in order to explain a concept.  From a technology standpoint, this platform is designed to simplify the transition between reality, augmented reality, and virtual reality, while never overpowering the story or the content with gimmicks or tricks that wear thin.

This platform can be interacted with through many different media, from mobile to large touchscreen arrays, interactive projection systems, or completely immersive environments depending on what experience is appropriate to the subject.  At the discretion of the institution, it can enable content to be explored outside the brick and mortar, to draw visitors from around the world, or to collaborate with other institutions on related concepts where ever they might be.  It can be seen as an integral part of exhibit design, or just a more modern version of the museum map and brochure.

Let's do this together

We need your insights and involvement to succeed on this initiative.  We've also spent considerable time studying the fiscal challenges of this area in conjunction with several large institutions, and are developing several financial models to not only leverage this platform to pay for its development and deployment while bringing powerful capabilities and flexibility below their cost, but also to enable additional revenue streams to the institutions themselves as content creators.  

Stay tuned for more information on this, the prototypes are looking pretty sweet!

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