We not only understand the buzzwords, but are delivering experiences in them at our usual high standards of quality.

The growing enthusiasm for Virtual and Augmented Reality HAS been kicked into overdrive by the acquisition of Oculus by Facebook for $2 Billion and the $2.3 Billion investment by Google and more in Magic Leap.  It's no coincidence that Magnopus has been working in this space since before that.  The visual effects community in Hollywood has been solving the challenges of VR and AR for decades and when combined with top-shelf games industry vets, are perfectly positioned to deliver the highest-quality, narratively-driven content experiences available when combined with the best talent from the games industry.  

You might even say that this is what Magnopus was born to do.

And we've been doing it.  So far we've created from scratch a variety of projects, and explored the capabilities from the perspective of the technology that's available today, and what we know will be available tomorrow.  In fact, where we've decided that capabilities should exist, but don't, we're developing them in-house now.  

we've shipped projects FOR Magic Leap One, Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, Samsung GearVR, HTC VIVE, and Microsoft HoloLens using Unreal Engine, Unity, and 360º VIDEO, for consumers, enterprises, and good causes that needed help.

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