Alex Henning


A native Californian, Henning was born and raised in Berkeley, and holds a degree in Art from the University of California at Santa Cruz.  A hands-on expert in the art and science of synthetic images, Alex is an Academy Award®-winner that has worked on some pretty crazy stuff over the years.  Can be dangerous when he breaks out his nerd glasses.

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Ben Grossmann


Raised in the frozen mountains of Alaska, Ben has thawed out in Los Angeles over the last decade tackling anything that was difficult or impossible for anyone that was crazy and brilliant.  Also an Academy Award®-winner, he's as dangerous rotoscoping as he is directing, and is particularly attracted to the phrase "you can't do that, it doesn't work that way."

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Far from his roots running naked in the rainforests of Brasil, Rodrigo has leveraged his expertise in technology and business acumen to craft the biggest blockbusters of the last decade.  You're as likely to find him draped in seductive business deals at the Soho House, as installing a cinema-grade theater in a private jet.

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Craig Barron

Creative Director

Craig's bio is bigger than this website, but it's safe to assume he wrote the book on what you're interested in.  An Academy Award®-winner, author, artist, and Hollywood socialite, his detailed experience in the art and history of visual storytelling comes to every project, every conference call, and every email.

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Magdalena wolf


Marsellus Wallace
You ain't got no problem, Jules.
I'm on the mother@#$%r.
Go back in there, chill them *!#^@$ out
and wait for The Wolf,
who should be coming directly.

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Lap Luu

Chief technology officer

If it requires electricity, Lap can take it apart, and put it back together again better than it was. Hardware, Software, or People-ware, Lap will always have the right answers at his fingertips. He looks young, but he's lived three lifetimes just in the time it's taken me to format this paragraph.  He never sleeps, so you can sleep better.

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Alex Nice


Nice is a supremely talented banjo player. Fortunately, in his spare time, he is also a brilliant artist.  Amongst other things, he is a painter (traditional & modern), modeler, lighter, concept artist, matte painter, story-boarder, photographer, traveler, shit-talker, and germ magnet.  And he is better at all of those things than anyone else here.

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Caroline Moura

Head of operations

Let's face it, this is a mixed bag of nuts playing with heavy machinery here, so it takes someone who could pimp-slap a São Paulo mugger to keep things under control around here.  If it's got a currency symbol in front of it, she knows where it came from, where it's going, and how it's getting there.



Kenni is our casting director scouting the world for the best talent beyond just VR and AR, and helping assemble the best teams of the happiest people for our in-house developments and client-facing projects.  She is always on the go at conferences and other congregations of talent, looking for people ready to open their wings and start flying.



Chief innovation officer

Wolves come in packs and this one's teeth are particularly sharp.  Patrick heads up our product development for VR and AR and manages the execution of our multi-year roadmap.  With a background in global systems architecture, he's guiding on our next generation of platforms that power all the individual experiences we create to sharing them with our partners. 

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